You can find out the value of resistance of a Resistor by viewing the colors of the resistor. Each color has its own value as shown in table 1.

Table 1: Color Coding Chart of Carbon Composed Resistor:

Resistor Color Coding

you can see on the above-shown table 1, that each color has its own code at each band and also different tolerance values.

Let us explain the topic by taking an example:


Look at the following 4 resistors whose resistance will be found in this section.


Fig 1: Four Resistors having different color bands

In above fig 1, four resistors having different band colors have been shown.

To find their Resistance value, the following observation table is to be filled using table 1 value.

Table 2: Finding of Resistance using color identification

color code

10K Ohm Resistor

We can also find out the reverse that’s mean we can find out the color bands by the given Resistance value.

Let we want to find out the Resistance of the 10K ohm Resistance.

The first band is denoting number 1, the second one to 0, and the third one to 1000.

Looking at tabl1,



1000= Orange

So the Resistor will have the color code as Brown-Black-Orange.