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My Upwork Profile

Are you staring at a blank page, wondering how in the world you’re supposed to describe your product or service in a way that appeals to your target audience, while incorporating SEO tactics at the same time?

Maybe you don’t have a lot of time. You wish you could leave all of your content needs in the capable hands of a professional copywriter so online messaging is one thing you no longer have to think about.

Hi, I’m Waqas Ahmad Ch! I am a professional copywriter and content writer with over 05 years of experience. As a former 12th grade teacher, I have a knack for writing engaging, interesting, and authentic content. 

I can present the right information about your product or service in the right way. I primarily create website content, product descriptions, and blog articles, but I do work on the occasional email campaign or social media posts.

I have worked with a wide variety of entrepreneurs and industries, but I especially love working with driven clients who understand the importance of high-value content and are looking for an expert copywriter to take the reins so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

My content includes:

• Organic and/or provided keywords with SEO-friendly placement and density

• SEO-friendly techniques, like bulleted lists, external, and internal links

• SEO-friendly meta data

• Skimmable features, like short paragraphs and bolding, when appropriate

• Design recommendations, like infographics and CTAs, when appropriate

• Inclusion of all required information, data, links, etc.

• In-depth research to ensure all information is accurate, unique, and different from your competitors

• Collaboration and communication with a single professional copywriter from start-to-finish


Connect with me on Upwork to talk about your project, or check out my professional portfolio at I can’t wait to hear more about your project!