1. Electrical Instruments (Ammeter, Voltmeter & Wattmeter)  and their use to measure Power
  2. Determination of the resistances of a) Sliding Rheostat. b) Voltmeter. c) Incandescent lamp.
  3. Determination of resistance of a wire by a micrometer.
  4. Determination of temperature co-efficient of copper by ammeter-voltmeter methods.
  5. Verification of Ohm’s law.
  6. Verification of laws of combination of resistances.
  7. Study of various types of resistors and determination of resistance by color-coding.
  8. Measurement of power by Voltmeter-ammeter method and wattmeter.
  9. Study of connections of the thermal relay.
  10. Measurement of energy by energy meter.
  11. Verification of Kirchhoff’s Laws.
  12. Determination of the efficiency of an Electric Kettle.
  13. Make an electromagnet.
  14. Study of the force on a current-carrying conductor in the magnetic field.
  15. Verification of Faraday’s laws of electromagnet induction.
  16. Study of Generator 
  17. Study of Transformer 
  18. Study the production of e.m.f in coupled coils by changing current in one coil.
  19. Study of self-induction of a coil and effect of introducing iron core in it.
  20. Study of various types of capacitors and Inductors.
  21. Determination of the capacity of capacitors by color-coding.
  22. Verification of the laws of the combination of capacitors.
  23. Determination of breakdown voltage of a low-voltage capacitor.
  24. Study of C.R.O. and measurement of the sine wave.
  25. Determination of average and R.M.S values and sine wave (on graph paper)
  26. Particulars of Experimental Studies
  27. Determination of inductance of a choke coil using ammeter and voltmeter method.
  28. Determination of impedance of a resistive-inductive series circuit.
  29. Study of phase displacement by C.R.O.
  30. Determination of power consumed by a fan/choke by a 3-ammeter method.
  31. Determination of power-factor of a single-phase circuit using a voltmeter, ammeter, and wattmeter.
  32. Measurement of power factor of a single-phase circuit using a power factor meter.
  33. Determination of resonance frequency of a series circuit using variable frequency oscillator.
  34. Study of the effects of capacitors on the power of an inductive circuit.
  35. Study of an elementary polyphase generator.
  36. Verification of the line and phase relationship in star and delta connections.
  37. Study of 3-Phase, 4-wire distribution network.
  38. Measurement of power of a 3-phase load by a 3-wattmeter method.
  39. Measurement of power of a 3-phase load by a 2-wattmeter method.
  40. Measurement of 3-phase power by one-watt meter method.
  41. Determination of phase sequence by phase sequence meter.
  42. Measurement of reactive power, in a 3-phase balanced circuit.
  43. Measurement of power in 3 phase circuit using phase angle meter.
  44. Measurements of 3-Phase load energy using C.T. & P.T.
  45. Improvement of power factor of an inductive load using capacitors and its verification.
  46. Determination of current in neutral wire in balanced & unbalanced load.