Do you Want to Install an off/on Grid Solar PV

System to Get Huge Return of Investment (Profit)?

Solar PV Designer

Please stop Before Installation and Let me tell you

one of the most Important thing.

If your System is not Optimized, you will have to wait more years to get ROI (Return of Investment).

But What is Optimized Solar PV System?

Optimization means a proper Solar PV System Installation design which will include Exact Size of Panels, Inverters, Cables, Tilt Angle, Shading Size, Protection System etc.

A lot of people miss this important thing and ruin their Millions.

How can you get optimized Design?

We are working in Solar PV System Designing since 2010 and providing Optimized Design reports to National & International Clients.

One of our best International Client is “King Abdul Aziz University, Jaddah Saudi Arabia”

We will provide you:

  1. A detailed report generated by International Solar Software like PVsyst, Aroura, Helliscope etc. within 1 day.
  2. Information to buy Best Solar PV Panels, Inverters, cables etc available in your Market.
  3. Cost Estimation (if you need as Extra Charges will be paid).
  4. A team for Installation.

What do we need by You?

Please tell us about:

  1. Your exact location (coordinate latitude & Longitude)
  2. Your Roof/Farm Area where you want to install grid Tied System
  3. Capcity of Solar PV System you want to install

We are here to guide you in a best way.
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Saad Solar PV Consultant